John N. Joyner

Software Developer

I started developing database applications, like order-entry and inventory programs, in the late 1980s. In the 1990s, I wrote my first Internet application, a database-driven website for the Chamber of Commerce of Atascadero, California (USA).


dBase was my first development language, before I discovered Clarion. In the mid-90s, I let go of Clarion, reluctantly, and began using Visual Basic and Access. For the rest of the 90s my software development tools were ASP, VBScript, VB, JavaScript, SQL Server, and Access. In the new millenium, I replaced my proprietary tools with Open Source software: PHP and MySQL.

Today, my preferred language is Ruby (not on Rails, though I've nothing against it). With Ruby I process custom-built HTML templates, and pull data from MySQL. To create the user interface I use well-structered HTML, CSS, and object-oriented JavaScript. For hosting, I use the Unix servers at Pair Networks, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I've developed database applications for a motion picture distributor, steamship line, industrial equipment manufacturer, mortgage broker, city agency, insurance agency, art dealer, industrial computer manufacturer, jewelry retailer, real estate agency, doctors' office, business forms printer, bonding agency, construction inspection firm, and many others.